Eating, not smoking cannabis gives these desired benefits

We live in a world where we are increasingly becoming victims of poor health. There are also increasing cases of cancer. This shows that the products we use daily contain carcinogenic agents.

This article will shed some light on how cannabis helps in curing various ailments especially cancer. It also contains the reason why eating cannabis is essential for the human body, rather than smoking it.


Heat the cannabis, don’t smoke it

Smoking the cannabis does not help in the treatment of the diseases present in the body as it does not act as a therapy to the body. This happens because by smoking cannabis, we are altering its chemical structure.

Also, when you burn cannabis, it will undergo a process called oxidation which is not healthy for our body. It is also important to note that taking supplements of cannabis is also not useful as they do not have the bio-synergistic compounds which are present in the original plant.

The best way to gain maximum from cannabis is to eat it or make some oil from it. By ensuring this, we can make sure that our body receives cannabinoids.

Cannabis also contains some other dietary essentials like amino acids and fatty acids. So by consuming cannabis by eating it, we are making sure we get these dietary essentials in our body.

Hence, we can see how cannabis helps largely in preventing cancer and a lot of other diseases because of the useful chemicals present in it.

We can also see the enormous benefits offered by cannabis intake if we eat it rather than smoking it. This is the only way you can extract the maximum out of the amazing benefits that cannabis offers.

Cannabinoids present in cannabis helps in fighting cancer.

You must also have heard of Rick Simpson’s method of preparing cannabis oil for the treatment of cancer. He has received a lot of popularity as well as criticism for doing this.

How Cannabis helps in fighting cancer and other diseases

Cannabis contains cannabinoids. Cannabinoids contain cannabinol. Cannabinol and other constituents of cannabis activate the cannabinoid receptors of our body. After this happens, the body produces endocannabinoid compounds.

These compounds play a significant role in our body processes. It improves our immune system. Cannabinoids can help in preventing heart attacks, cancer, diabetes etc. Doctors have recommended people to make cannabis a part of their diet.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) regulates each tissue in our body. Endo-cannabinoid are made by arachadonic acid (omega 6). Dietary cannabis imitates the ECS when there is a deficiency of arachadonic acid and cannabinoid deficiency.

Though mainstream medicine implies that radiation and chemotherapy are the best ways to treat cancer, but there is a lot of evidence indicating there are many better cures. Using Cannabinoids may be one of the best cancer and disease fighting treatments.

These have become popular today because of their ability to reduce cancer cells. They do this by rebuilding the immune system of the body. More and more patients have seen a reduction in their cancer by using cannabis.