Cutest moments between animal parents and kids

The relationship between a parent and a child is a special one, no matter what species they belong to. Some pictures have managed to capture awe moments between some baby animals and their parents. They will melt your heart.

The first picture shows a polar bear lifting its baby up by its ear, while the next one shows it hugging the baby bear as they lay in the snow together. The next picture shows a lion and a lioness walking down the road as they look over their baby cub walking beside them, while another picture shows all the baby animals hanging onto its mama’s fur. In the fifth picture, you will see a baby fox is playfully biting the tail of a bigger fox.

The next picture shows a big bird comforting its young ones by providing them warmth under her wings. Another picture shows a squirrel carrying its baby. In the eighth picture, you can see you can see a baby giraffe lovingly touching heads with the father giraffe.

All the pictures are of similar nature. In some pictures we see otters swimming with their babies while in other you can see a family of otters hug each other. In another picture, you can see the tigress playing with its cub while in another photo, a crocodile is seen carrying its babies on top of them. Similarly, a photo depicts a bear swimming with its cub while in another picture a tiny elephant holds on to its mother’s tail.

Another bird can be seen comforting its baby under its wings. In many pictures also we can see such similarity when it comes to protecting the babies by covering them with their wings. A rhino can be seen swimming with its baby while other animals show love to their babies in different pictures. In the last picture, you can see a bear walk in a distance with its baby bear.