6 affordable tight budget travel destinations worldwide

Are you planning a trip but are broke or facing a cash-crunch? Then, worry not! Here are 6 places you can go without spending too much. They are described below in detail.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is amongst the cheapest travel destinations in the whole world. So if you are broke but are in love with new places, then it should be on the top of your list. Cost of plane tickets and room charges are quite low for Bangkok. Moreover, you can also look for a free accommodation.

Indulge in local street food as it is quite affordable in Bangkok. You can opt to stay at a Buddhist Monastery as food and accommodation there, is usually free as long as you follow their rules.

But if you are not into meditation and rules, you can look out for Dorm beds, which you can stay in for as low as $1.65 for a night.

Bali, Indonesia

Being an Island and a province in Indonesia, Bali is a very famous tourist destination. You can get food and accommodation at dirt-cheap prices. You can grab a meal for as less as $2 in a local restaurant.

Isn’t this amazing! Also, coffee is grown in abundance nearby Java, so if you are a lover of coffee, then you should definitely try this place out. Apart from this, you can try out surfing for less than $10 per hour.


South Korea

If you are a lover of street food, then you should definitely go to South Korea as it is very cheap there. It also has a lot of beaches on its coast.

You should eat meals sitting with a large group as meals served in large portions are generally cheaper as compared to individual dishes.

You can also look for a free accommodation in South Korea. Traveling through busses is a great means to travel without spending much. You can also take lifts from random strangers.


You can find cheap flight tickets to Cuba. For traveling within Cuba, opt for buses or shared taxis, as they won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Hotel charges are based on per person scheme rather than a per room system. So, you need to keep this system in mind before you plan a trip to Cuba.


Crete, Greece

Greece is one of the most visited countries. It is beautiful as well as quite cheap. You should stay in Crete if are on a budget. Just like most of the other destinations, you should opt for street food rather than having it in a posh restaurant if you are planning to save money.

For traveling to islands, commute through conventional ferries. If you are traveling in a large group, then rent a Villa rather than going for individual hotel rooms.

Madrid, Spain

Spain is quite a cheaper destination as compared to Europe. You can explore museums of the city as many museums in the city offer free entry on certain days of the week.

Some restaurants offer snacks at a very cheap price so grab on your meals there.

These are the top 6 destinations you should travel to if you are low on funds but want to explore new places. Going for a trip at any or all of these places will leave you refreshed without destroying your budget. So decide fast, pack your bags, and leave to explore them.