5 plant herbs that can greatly improve lung health

As per popular belief, herbs are considered as ineffective for medicinal purposes. But the effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs has not been studied very deeply. According to a study done by the American Association of Poison Control Centers, no one has died due to the usage of herbs for health reasons.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical drugs are responsible for the death of around one million Americans every year. Herbal medicines taken in controlled doses cannot be considered as lethal.

Here is a list of 5 plants and herbs that can improve lung health and also help in its repair (as provided by John Summerly, a nutritionist, homeopathic practitioner, and herbologist):

Coltsfoot (Tussilago Farfara)
The usage of Coltsfoot started thousands of years ago. Native Americans used this herb to provide strength to the lungs. It helps in clearing excess mucus both from the bronchial tubes and the lungs.

Coltsfoot provides a soothing effect to the mucus membranes present in the lungs. This herb helps in coughs, asthma, bronchitis, and various other lung diseases. It can be consumed both in dry form and in the form of tea. This herb can also be used in an alcoholic form, called tincture.

Osho root (Ligusticumporteri)
Osho is an herb having its origins in the Rocky Mountain area and has been used by the Native Americans for providing respiratory support. Camphor is present in its roots.

Because of this, Osho is one of the best herbs used in providing relief to our respiratory tract. It amplifies circulation in the lungs.

Oregano has the nutrients and vitamins that our immune system needs. Oregano contains rosmarinic and carvacrol acid. Both of them provide the benefits of decongesting and reducing histamine. These advantages impact airflow in the nasal passage and respiratory tract.

Sage (Salvia Officinalis)
Tea made from sage benefits the ailments arising from the lungs. Sage tea is considered as a traditional medicine for the treatment of a cough by providing relief to a sore throat.

Sage’s oil is volatile in nature and vapors are formed when a tea is made from it. Inhaling these vapors help in eliminating lung disorders.

This is a plant, which has its origins in the Southwest. It is recognized by the Native Americans for its contribution in detoxifying the lungs. This plant contains strong antioxidants and NDGA. NDGA stops the cancer cells to undergo anaerobic and aerobic glycolysis (the ability to produce energy).

Pharmaceutical drugs have so many side effects and consuming them can also prove to be fatal in some cases. The companies selling these drugs have defamed the usage of herbs and plants in nurturing respiratory health.

But it is obvious that these herbs contribute to improving lung health and in repairing pulmonary damage to them. They heal so many diseases associated with lungs. But in the end, it is always recommended that you consult a herbologist or a medical practitioner before their use.